Configuring an interface utilization threshold

To configure an interface utilization threshold:

  1. From the WhatsUp Gold web interface, go to Alert Center > Threshold Library. The Alert Center Threshold Library dialog appears.
  2. Click New. The Select Threshold Type dialog appears.
  3. Select Performance Interface, then click OK. The New Interface Utilization Threshold dialog appears.

    The New Interface Utilization Threshold dialog

  4. Specify or select the appropriate information in the dialog box:
    • Name. Specify a name for the threshold. This name helps you identify the threshold in the Threshold library and displays as the report title on the Alert Center Home page.
    • Threshold. Select and enter the threshold criteria variables and values. The default threshold is configured to alert when inbound or outbound utilization exceeds 90% for more than 60 minutes.
    • Devices to Monitor. Click Select to choose the devices to which the threshold applies. By default, the threshold monitors all devices where the applicable monitor is enabled.
    • Notification. Select the notification policy you would like to apply to this threshold. This policy kicks off when an item falls out of the threshold you configure above. If you do not see an appropriate threshold policy, or if the list is empty, browse (...) to the Notification Policy dialog to configure a new policy.

    Note: Notification policies are optional for most thresholds. If you do not select a notification policy, no notifications are generated for the threshold, but a dashboard report listing the out of threshold items still appears on the Alert Center Home page.

    • Threshold check. Enter a value for the threshold check interval, or the interval at which the Alert Center checks the WhatsUp Gold database to see if there are items that are out of the threshold's parameters.
    • Select Automatically resolve items no longer out of threshold to have Alert Center automatically resolve items when they go back inside the parameters of the threshold.

    Note: Configure the threshold check interval for a longer time than the sampling interval for thresholds relating to trends, such as percent utilization. Configure it for a time the same as (or similar to) the sampling interval when configuring a threshold for a health check.

    Avoid setting the threshold check interval to a very short time as this can degrade system performance. In general, setting the threshold check interval to less than five minutes is inadvisable.

  5. Click OK to save the threshold settings.

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