Installing WhatsUp Gold using WhatsUp Setup

Note: The Release Notes contain the most up-to-date information about installing WhatsUp Gold. Read the release notes prior to installing to be aware of any potential installation issues.

Note: If you are installing WhatsUp Gold on a Windows 2003 Server, you must first install IIS 6.0 on the server prior to running the installation utility. For information on how to install and configure IIS, see Installing IIS on Windows Server 2003.

Before installing WhatsUp Gold

Installing WhatsUp Gold is a simple straightforward process, however there are several decisions that you must make, and options that you should be aware of before you install WhatsUp Gold.

Note: The installation instructions in this document apply only to WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition and WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition. For installation instructions for WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition or WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition, see WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition Deployment Guide or WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition Deployment Guide.

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