New for Version 11.01

What's New in IMail Server 11.01

What's New in IMail Server 11

IMail Mobile Synchronization

Users now have the capability to synchronize their mobile devices with their web client information to include e-mail, contacts and calendar events. Users can maintain their contacts and calendar appointments from either their computer or mobile device, and remain synchronized.

Outlook synchronization is also capable, but requires installing the WorkgroupShare Client. This enables synchronizing e-mail, contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks between their web client, Outlook and their mobile devices.

Default Mobile Synchronization Settings

The new Console Administrator has the bulk edit user capability, and can turn on this feature by going to the Domain > User List page, select all users and checking the Enable Mobile Synchronization.

Warning: It is recommended that Mobile Synchronization is not turned on for all users simultaneously, as the initial mobile download will put a high stress on your IMail system. See System Requirements for mobile user recommendations.

See the IMail Administration Help > System Settings for more details on enabling this feature. Also available for mobile device owners is the Mobile Sync White Paper.

Product Update

To allow integration for all users to receive the greatest benefit for mobile synchronization, Ipswitch has modified the Product Offerings. WorkgroupShare previously only offered with IMail Premium has the component necessary to allow mobile synchronization with Outlook to include e-mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. WorkgroupShare and Ipswitch Instant Messaging has been integrated into IMail Server Plus and IMail Server, obsoleting IMail Plus, and leaving IMail Server and IMail Premium. See new Table of IMail Product Features.

New IP Reputation by Commtouch (IMail Server Premium)

Ipswitch has integrated Commtouch's GlobalView™ Mail Reputation services into IMail Server Premium v11. By default upon installation the new IMailCommtouchIpRep service will be enabled (a wrapper for Commtouch's ctIPd™ daemon) and set to only logging. This default will need to be updated by your System Administrator to enable the full capability of Commtouch's IP Reputation daemon.

The Commtouch GlobalView Mail Reputation daemon (ctIPd™) is an embedded reputation engine with a small footprint. It is responsible for maintaining communication with the Commtouch Datacenter. ctIPd™ delivers reputation data to messaging, security and networking devices, providing an added layer of protection while saving valuable resources by enabling the messaging network to analyze and process requests before message reach the network. These querying devices post queries to ctIPd™ over HTTP, UDP, or RBL/RBL+ protocol requesting reputation data on source IP addresses attempting to establish SMTP sessions for sending messages to recipients.

See the Administration Help at Antispam > Premium Antispam, and Services > Antispam for more information.

IMail Console Administrator

Back by popular demand, the IMail Console Administration application has been rewritten with full functionality for handling all System Administration functions.

Note: WorkgroupShare (Collaboration) and Instant Messaging have been omitted, as separate Console applications already exist for both applications. Look for them at Start > Programs > Ipswitch IMail Server.

The IMail Console Administrator has the following new functionality:

New Web Administrator

The Web Administrator originally written using classic ASP has been rewritten to use ASP.Net 2.0 to provide better performance.

Note: Instant Messaging has been omitted from the Web Administration application, as a separate Console application is available. Look for it at Start > Programs > Ipswitch IMail Server > Instant Messaging Server


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