MOVEit Automation API allows you to connect to MOVEit Automation, start tasks, and obtain information on the status of currently running and completed tasks.  It provides a subset of the capabilities of the human-oriented GUI MOVEit Automation Admin program, but also provides the ability to perform operations that cannot be accomplished through the GUI program alone, such as picking different sources (even ad-hoc hosts) at runtime and limiting the submission of tasks if the number of tasks already running is more than desired.

MOVEit Automation API flow

In ordinary use, MOVEit Automation starts tasks itself automatically, based on schedules that you configure, and/or based on notifications of the arrival of files.  However, in some cases, you may want to control tasks from another application.  For instance, you may have an existing enterprise scheduling application that is used for a number of different purposes.  MOVEit Automation API allows you to use such an application to control MOVEit Automation tasks.

When accessed with administrative credentials, reports about past task runs, file/folder activity and audit logs may be generated through MOVEit Automation API. Information about currently running tasks is also available to those applications providing administrative credentials.

This document describes the Java version of MOVEit Automation API.  This consists of a command-line client and a programmatic interface.  Both provide the same capabilities (though the programmatic interface provides more); choose which one to use according to your needs.

There is also a very similar Microsoft Windows COM version of the API.  All versions require that the MOVEit Automation server being connected to be licensed for the MOVEit Automation API option. For the Java version, you will need to use the Sun Java


MOVEit Automation API Java requires a Java runtime environment corresponding to Sun's Java2 version 1.8 specification (also known as 8.0). The classes were developed using Sun's J2RE version 1.8. You may obtain an appropriate version of Java for your specific operating system from Sun's Java site.