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Dear MessageWay User: 

The following Maintenance Releases are now available for MessageWay v6.1.  To receive these Maintenance Releases, please contact Ipswitch Technical Support and select the option to talk with MessageWay Support, or send an email to mwaysupport@ipswitch.com.

The Maintenance Releases are:

MessageWay Server:                                messageway-6.1.0-mr08-xx (xx=platform type) 

MessageWay Manager:                            mwclient-6.1.0-mr07-win32 

MessageWay AS2 Servlet:                       mwas2servlet-6.1.0-mr03 

MessageWay FTP Perimeter Server:       mwftp-6.1.0-mr07-xx (xx=platform type) 

MessageWay SFTP Perimeter Server:    mwsftp-6.1.0-mr07-xx (xx=platform type) 

MessageWay SFTP Proxy Server:           mwproxy-6.1.0-mr06-xx (xx=platform type)

MessageWay RES Server:                       mwres-6.1.0-mr07-xx (xx=platform type)

Installation instructions are provided in each package within the README file.  Be sure to install the Manager Maintenance Release on all laptops/PCs where used.

If not yet on MessageWay v6.1, base 6.1 packages must first be installed to upgrade from previous versions.  Consulting services are available to assist with your upgrade or migration.

The v6.1 mr08-related updates address the following key security issues and customer concerns:

MessageWay now uses OpenSSL 1.0.2p and FIPS 2.0.16:

MessageWay enhanced to support the following:

  • MessageWay now supports Windows Server 2016, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 7.x and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
  • MessageWay now supports SQL Server 2016, MySQL 5.7.x and Oracle 12c (release 12.2.x)
  • New product option for Windows and Linux: MessageWay AWS S3 Adapter

Please review the README file in each package for installation instructions and a complete list of issues resolved.


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+44-203-137-6860 from outside North America 

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