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MessageWay MWAWSS3 Release

MessageWay MWAWSS3 Release Name:      mwawss3-6.1.0-win32

Release date:    October 5, 2018

Prerequisite:     MessageWay Server 6.1.0 MR07 or later

This release contains the files listed below:

  Files included in this MessageWay MWAWSS3 Release mwawss3-6.1.0-win32:

    mwawss3.exe MessageWay MWAWSS3 Adapter
    libeay32.dll OpenSSL crypto library
    aws-cpp-sdk-core.dll AWS CPP SDK CORE DLL
    aws-cpp-sdk-s3.dll AWS CPP SDK S3 DLL
    aws-cpp-sdk-transfer.dll AWS CPP SDK TRANSFER DLL
    mwawss3-6.1.0-win32_readme.html This Readme file


Installing the MessageWay MWAWSS3 Release:

1) Download the Messageway MWAWSS3 install zip file (mwawss3-6.1.0-win32.zip).
2) Logon to the domain\user that currently "owns" the MessageWay services.
3) Unzip the mwawss3-6.1.0-win32.zip file.
4) Step 3 will automatically create a new subdirectory named mwawss3-6.1.0-win32.
5) Stop the MessageWay Messaging Server service and close the Windows Event Viewer.
6) Run the install program (mwawss3-6.1.0-win32.exe).
7) Answer the prompts as they appear.
8) Start the MessageWay Messaging Server service.

The MessageWay MWAWSS3 Release is now installed on the server.

To verify that the MessageWay MWAWSS3 Release installed properly, view the \Program Files (x86)\MessageWay\updates\ChangeLog.txt file.  That file is updated whenever a MessageWay MWAWSS3 is installed.  Additionally, this MessageWay MWAWSS3 Release Readme file is saved in the \Program Files (x86)\MessageWay\updates subdirectory for future reference.


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