WhatsUp Gold Editions

WhatsUp Gold is available in three primary editions. Each edition tailors features to meet the diverse network management needs, from small networks to those spanning multiple geographic locations. Learn more about WhatsUp Gold on the WhatsUp Gold web site.

WhatsUp Gold also offers a variety of optional products to provide a full-line of advanced network monitoring tools:

Optional plug-ins

WhatsUp Gold APM. This plug-in monitors applications across multiple devices, servers, and systems. It provides performance statistics and overall application health, while alerting on performance degradation and potential problems before they result in service outages. APM helps IT organizations measure and guarantee Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and assists in pinpointing application performance bottlenecks and points of failure. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold web site.

WhatsUp Gold WhatsConfigured. This configuration management plug-in enables effective management of one of the most critical assets on your network—device configurations. It automates the key configuration and change management tasks required to backup, compare, and upload configuration files for networking devices. WhatsConfigured maintains and controls configuration files and alerts when any configuration changes are detected. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold web site.

WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor. This plug-in for WhatsUp Gold leverages Cisco NetFlow, NetFlow v9 (Lite), sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX, and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) data from switches, routers, and Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA). It gathers, analyzes, reports, and alerts on LAN/WAN network traffic patterns and bandwidth utilization in real-time. It highlights not only overall utilization for the LAN/WAN, specific devices, or interfaces; it also indicates users, applications, and protocols that are consuming abnormal amounts of bandwidth, giving you detailed information to assess network quality of service and quickly resolve traffic bottlenecks. WhatsUp Flow Monitor protects network security by detecting unusual activity, such as that exhibited by viruses, worms, DOS attacks, and other rogue activity directed at your network. Comprehensive reporting takes the raw real-time network traffic data from routers and switches and presents you with useful information to understand trends, utilization, and where network bandwidth is consumed. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor User Guide on the WhatsUp Gold web site.

WhatsUp Gold WhatsVirtual. This plug-in lets you monitor virtual environments using WhatsUp Gold. The WhatsVirtual plug-in provides WhatsUp Gold with the ability to discover, map, monitor, alert, and report on virtual environments. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold web site.

WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor. This plug-in for WhatsUp Gold measures your network's ability to provide the quality of service (QoS) necessary for your VoIP calls on your LAN and WAN links. After a simple setup, the VoIP Monitor accesses Cisco IP SLA (service level agreement) enabled devices to monitor VoIP performance and quality parameters including jitter, packet loss, latency, and other performance values. The plug-in’s full integration with WhatsUp Gold allows you to easily view graphs and metrics for bandwidth and interface utilization and troubleshoot network issues that affect VoIP performance. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold web site.

Optional applications

WhatsUp Gold WhatsConnected. This application is a Layer 2/3 network mapping tool that discovers, maps and documents your network down to the individual port, making it simple to visualize the physical topology and understand device interconnections. This application is a standalone and is used separately from an instance of WhatsUp Gold. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold web site.

WhatsUp Log Management. This application suite provides comprehensive event and Syslog log collection, monitoring, analysis, reporting and storage for your network. The suite includes Event Analyst, Event Archiver, Event Alarm and Event Rover. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold web site.

AlertFox End-User Monitor. This application provides comprehensive synthetic web transaction monitoring capabilities from an end-user perspective. With just a push of a button, a browser-based recorder captures all the steps involved in a web transaction, so you can periodically exercise and measure mission-critical transactions as often as you need to. AlertFox EUM is offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), has minimal software to install, and requires no long-term financial commitments. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold web site.

WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager. The WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager is designed to make your network monitoring and management tasks more resilient for high availability operation. It ensures continuous visibility into the health of the monitored infrastructure when the performance or connectivity of the primary WhatsUp Gold server is impaired. In such cases a secondary ‘failover’ server can be automatically set to take over monitoring tasks. WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager is integrated into the Alert Center for appropriate notifications and escalations. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold site.

WhatsUp Gold Flow Publisher. This application provides a unique insight and visibility into your network traffic for every device, whether they natively support flow monitoring or not. Flow Publisher makes flow monitoring possible for every network segment and for literally every device. By capturing raw traffic from the network and converting it into standard NetFlow records, Flow Publisher puts you in complete control and conversing in a language your users understand. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold site.

IP Address Manager. This application provides an automated solution to the cumbersome and error prone task of inventorying network address usage. IP Address Manager discovery scans provide you with an extensive breakdown of your network's subnets, DHCP, and DNS servers. These discovery scans can be scheduled to run automatically to gather up-to-date inventory information on a daily basis. Inventory information can be saved, exported, and distributed in multiple formats as reports. For more information, see the WhatsUp Gold site.

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