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Using Task Scripts
About Task Scripts
Using the WhatsConfigured Task Script Library
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Using Tasks
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About the WhatsConfigured Task Library
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Assigning a task to a device
Running a scheduled task immediately
About Device Properties - Tasks
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Comparing archived configuration files
Deleting archived configuration files
Exporting archive configuration files
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Removing tasks from devices
Restoring archived configurations
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Using Policies
About policies
About the Policy Library
Configuring a WhatsConfigured policy
Auditing a Policy
Viewing archive policy audit results
Using WhatsConfigured Templates
About WhatsConfigured templates
Using the Template Library
Configuring templates
Generating and applying templates
Importing and exporting templates
Using the System Script Library
About the System Script Library
Configuring system scripts
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Using the CLI Setting Library
About the CLI Settings Library
About CLI Settings
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Using WhatsConfigured Tools
About Archive Search
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Configuration Archive Search Result
Using the WhatsConfigured VLAN Manager
Configuring VLAN Trunks
Using Alert Center with WhatsConfigured
Assigning an Alert Center threshold to a task
Managing the WhatsConfigured and TFTP services
Starting, stopping and restarting WhatsConfigured services