Using the Device Viewer

The Device Viewer allows you to view device configuration and inventory details from the WhatsUp Gold console. The information displayed in the Device Viewer is accessed from the WhatsUp database.

To run the Device Viewer tool:

  1. Start the WhatsUp Gold console.
  2. Locate a device that has been exported from WhatsConnected to the WhatsUp database.
  3. Right-click the device in the WhatsUp console. The right-click menu appears.
  4. Select Device Viewer. The WhatsConnected Device Viewer appears displaying the device details. Tabs are only shown if a device has data that can be displayed. Possible tab views that may be associated with each device are:
    • System. Provides IP Address/MAC Address, MIB II information, product vendor, and other system information.
    • IP Addresses. Provides IP Address configuration information.
    • Interfaces. Provides name entries (IF information) for each device interface and other interface information.
    • Bridge Ports. Provides Bridge Port and VLAN name and index information.
    • VLANs. Provides Virtual LAN configuration information.
    • LAG Trunks. Provides Link Aggregation Group information.
    • Assets. Provides inventory information about the device components.
    • Links. Provides physical connectivity information from this device to other network devices.
    • IP Routes. Provides IP route configuration data information.
    • Spanning Tree (STP). Provides spanning tree configuration and status information.
    • ARP Cache. Provides Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table information.
    • Forwarding. Provides Layer 2 forwarding information.
    • Protocol Profile. Provides information about successful protocol matches for this device.
    • HSRP. Provides information about the Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) on the device. The information relates to the standby nature of routers.
    • IP Phone. Provides information about the selected (individual) IP phone.
    • IP Phone Manager. Provides information about the IP phones that are registered or are communicating with a call manager.
    • IP Routes. Provides information about the IP routes configured for this device.
    • VRRP. Provides information about the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) on the device. The information relates to the standby nature of routers.
    • STP. Provides information about Spanning Tree Protocol entries discovered on this device.
    • Software. Provides information about installed software discovered on this device.

      Note: The device details are the same as those displayed in the Device Details Viewer in the WhatsConnected console. For more information, see About Device Details tab view.

      Note: You can click Select to open the Select Device dialog and select another device. For more information, see Select Devices in the WhatsConnected Help.