Viewing Device List details

Associated with the Device List view, the Device Details tab provides a tabular view that displays detailed network device information. When a device is selected in the Device List view, the details of the device are shown in the Device Details tab view.

To view the device list details:

  1. From the main menu of the WhatsConnected console, select View > Device List. The Device List view appears.

    Tip: You can also view device list from the WhatsConnected console shortcut menu. Click Device List shortcut icon (Device List shortcut icon). The Device List dialog appears.

  2. In the device list, select a device for which to view more details, then click Details. The Device Details list appears.

    Device List Details

Tabs are only shown if a device has data that can be displayed. Possible tab views that may be associated with each device are:

Each of the Device Details tabs is built with the data grid views that were described previously. For more information about the data grid views, see About data grid views. These views allow you to browse, sort, and export (print) the data that is shown for each device.