Release Notes for WhatsConnected for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold v12.3.1

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WUG12.3.1 Release Notes for WhatsConnected

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Ipswitch WhatsConnected


For WhatsUp Gold v12.3.1

Release date

December 2008

Introducing WhatsConnected Layer 2 plug-in

WhatsConnected is a layer 2 and layer 3 network discovery and visualization plug-in for WhatsUp Gold that equips network managers with a comprehensive tool set to accurately depict and visualize their device connectivity, including VLAN overlays, down to the individual port. Layer 2 discovery and mapping accesses the physical infrastructure information embedded in devices to provide significantly more detailed topology information than layer 3 discovery mechanisms. In addition to widely used IP discovery protocols, such as ICMP, ARP, and SNMP, layer 2 discovery leverages a number of other mechanisms to discover devices including industry standard Link Layer Discovery Protocol or LLDP, as well as equipment manufacturer proprietary discovery protocols.

With layer 2 information available about how devices in your network are connected, their interdependencies, and their locations, you can locate problems and resolve them more easily. WhatsConnected helps you understand your network from top to bottom and focus on keeping it running securely and at peak performance.

WhatsConnected provides the key functions network professionals need to be able to discover, map, search, and document their networks.

System requirements

Note: WhatsConnected topology map export is supported by Microsoft Visio 2003 and 2007.

Installing and Licensing WhatsConnected

The files for WhatsConnected Layer 2 plug-in are installed automatically with WhatsUp Gold v12.3. Your license file determines whether or not you can access WhatsConnected Layer 2 Monitor.

To update your license to purchase WhatsConnected Layer 2 plug-in, visit the MyIpswitch portal.

Known Issues

The following are known issues with the WhatsConnected for WhatsUp Gold v12.3.1:

For more information and updates

The following are information resources for WhatsConnected. This information may be periodically updated and available on the WhatsUp Gold Web site.

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