Release Notes for WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor with Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold v12.0

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WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor Release Notes v1.0

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Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor



Release date

June 2008

About WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor editions

The WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor plug-in is designed to help network managers monitor key VoIP performance metrics on their network. This is accomplished by using the Cisco IP SLA technology, embedded in many Cisco routers and switches, to monitor the VoIP network performance.

With at least two Cisco IP SLA compatible devices, a source and destination device, the devices generate simulated network data and IP service traffic to measure network performance between the two network devices in real time. The information collected includes data for response time, one-way latency, jitter (interpacket delay variance), packet loss, voice quality scoring (Mean Opinion Score), and Calculated Planning Impairment Factor (ICPIF). WhatsUp Gold then polls the data collected on the IP SLA device and provides this information in the form of workspace reports, custom performance reports, and alert notifications.

The following VoIP monitors allow you to monitor the following VoIP metrics in WhatsUp Gold :

Performance monitors

Active Monitor

For more information about the VoIP Monitor, see the Using WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor.

System requirements

Known Issues

The following are known issues with the VoIP Monitor release:

Installing VoIP Monitor v1.0

Important: Make sure that WhatsUp Gold v12 is installed before installing VoIP Monitor

The following overview steps are required to implement the WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor, refer to Using WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor for detailed instructions:

  1. Configure the Cisco source and destination devices for IP SLA UDP Jitter operations.
  2. Install and configure the WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor.

Uninstalling VoIP Monitor v1.0

The VoIP Monitor uninstall removes all of the VoIP passive and active monitors, report data, and all program files. It leaves the VoIP Monitor workspace reports, but no longer tracks the VoIP data.

Note: To uninstall WhatsUp Gold, you must first uninstall the VoIP Monitor plug-in, then uninstall WhatsUp Gold separately.

To uninstall Ipswitch VoIP Monitor:

  1. Select Start > Settings > Control Panel, then select Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Select Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor.
  3. Select Remove.

For more information

Following are information resources for WhatsUp Gold. This information may be periodically updated and available on the WhatsUp Gold Web site.

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