Exporting Log and Report Data

You can export selected log, dashboard, and report data to XML data tables, which you can operate on within MS Excel. You can also import this data into your favorite analytics and statistical processing tools.

Export log data to XML

  1. Open the log with data you want to export. For example, to open log view for Performance Monitor Error Log:
    ANALYZE menu > Logs > Performance Monitor Error Log
  2. Click Export menu (ExportButton) for the report or log, and select Export Data.

    After processing, an XML file download notification displays in your browser.

  3. Display/edit/analyze the data. Open the downloaded file.
    • View with Excel. (Dates are rendered as an Excel string token.) If you have MS Office installed, click on the download notification in your browser. (You can customize date fields using a format available in Excel.)
    • Using a text or XML editor. (Dates are rendered as strings.)

Tip: When you open exported log and report XML in MS Excel, date fields take a .NET DateTime format ('42509.34485' for example). To change this column data to a human-readable format, from the Excel Home tab, select the date column, right click, and choose the readable Date format you prefer.

Export report data to XML

  1. Open the dashboard or full-page dashboard report you want to export. For example, to open full page dashboard report for Ping Response Time:
    ANALYZE menu > Network > Ping Response Time
  2. Click Export (ExportButton) where available for individual reports or dashboards.
  3. Follow Steps 2 and 3 in the procedure above (Export log data to XML).

Note: Not all reports currently have XML data export. Check the latest WhatsUp Gold Release Notes for the availability of this feature.