RealTime Performance Monitor Report

WhatsUp Gold RealTime Performance monitor (RPM) report returns quick observations when informed decisions can't wait between polling intervals. RPM works best for 'eyes-on' performance checks of individual devices, traffic between specific endpoints, and occasional 'zooming in' on capacity utilization metrics.

Like Network Traffic Analysis, RPM sessions generate traffic on your network. They also give more work to the WhatsUp Gold Poller. For this reason, RPM limits the number of sessions that can be open at one time for a single deployment of WhatsUp Gold.

Tip: It is best to use RPM for decision support during critical periods, troubleshooting, or in environments where polling does not interfere with normal network traffic such as when devices run dedicated management NICs.

RPM monitor provides several advantages:

Generate a report

Choose Device. Choose a device to observe.

Choose a Monitor. Choose a monitor to return RPM monitor performance statistics for.

Determine Refresh Interval. Optimize the polling interval to match the task and the monitor.

Control the observation stream

Export as XML

Most generated RPM report data can be exported as XML by selecting Expand (Full_Screen_Transparent) from the Report Actions (DasboardOptions) menu.

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