Email Active Monitor Advanced Properties

You can configure the advanced properties for the Email Monitor.

Type or select the appropriate information in the following fields.

SMTP Advanced Properties

Note: The Email Monitor supports CRAM-MD5, LOGIN and PLAIN authentication methods. The authentication method is not configurable. It is negotiated with the SMTP server automatically using the strongest mutually supported authentication method.

Note: For SMTP connections, WhatsUp Gold only supports explicit SSL sessions negotiated using the STARTTLS command.

Incoming server (IMAP or POP3) advanced properties

Note: WhatsUp Gold supports only clear text authentication method for retrieving mail. To protect your username and password while retrieving mail, you must use one of the SSL encryption methods.

Important: When connecting using STARTTLS, the connection is encrypted before any authentication information is sent or any mail is retrieved.

Note: If your IMAP server is configured to move the test message sent by the monitor to a folder other than the Inbox, the monitor fails. WhatsUp Gold only detects messages in the Inbox folder on an IMAP server.

Click OK to save changes.