Generating and Applying Templates

After you configure a template, you can generate the template for specific devices to ensure that the script is properly configured to be pushed to the device(s).

To generate and apply a template:

  1. Go to the Template Library (SETTINGS menu > Configuration Management > Template Library).

    Template Library displays.

  2. Select the template you want to verify, then click Generate.

    The Configuration Template Artifacts dialog displays.

  3. Click Add to select the device(s) for which you want to apply the template.

    Important: Ensure that the devices you select are able to accept the configuration you are applying with the template.

    Tip: To view the template in the context of a certain device, select a device from the list, then click Preview. If something looks awry in the template in relation to the selected device, you can adjust the template script or remove the device from the list of devices to which you are applying the template.

  4. After you have verified both the template in relation to the devices you have selected, you are ready to apply the template by clicking Upload. You are prompted to be sure that you are applying the correct template to the appropriate device(s).
  5. Ensure that you are applying the correct template, then click Yes to apply the template.

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