SNMP MIB Browser dialog

Use this dialog to browse MIBs installed on your WhatsUp Gold system in the context of a specified computer or networked device.

If the target device is SNMP-enabled and is configured to use a selected MIB, you can use this dialog to select very specific information to be gathered on that device. This is a live MIB browser. Therefore, the selected device is polled as you expand the MIB tree. If a portion of the MIB tree is not supported by the device, even though it is defined in the MIB file, it will not be shown on the tree and you should browse for a device configured to use that section of the MIB tree.

To select a MIB from the SNMP MIB Browser:

  1. Specify the device you want to browse and the credential to use for device access.

    Note: You can also modify timeout in seconds and number of retries if desired.

  2. Select the appropriate node from the MIB Tree at left, then select a specific property for which you want to monitor or collect statistics at right.

    Note: After you select a specific property, the bottom of the dialog shows a detailed description of the property. That description may contain a list of possible values for that property. The selected Object ID and Instance appear as well.

  3. Click Select to save changes.