Interface Report Settings

Specify threshold and top n:



Show Top n Items

Limit items to the samples with the highest values.

Threshold Type

Switch between minimum or maximum mode for cutoff values (for displaying either peak or sub peak usage periods, for example).

Threshold (percent)

Control and trim peak values to trim outliers.

Chart and visualize data over time (time series graph)



Display Options

Present data as a chart, a table grid, or both.

Chart Type

  • Line/Area. Scatter graph that connects adjacent measurements with straight lines.
  • Spline/Area Spline. Choose a graph with a smoothed appearance where adjacent samples exhibit a gradual slope.

Chart Options (percent)

  • Legend, Grid Lines. Include legend and grid lines for readability.
  • Trend Lines. Present data a smoothed average to show trend.

Tip: Trend lines represent a moving average that can be compared with line and area graphs to reveal peak and sub peak intervals, periods of burstiness, latency, and interruption.