Wireless Client Groups

Using this interface, you can manage user-defined client groups consisting of wireless infrastructure devices on your network based on MAC addresses or MAC prefixes. These groups can be beneficial for hardware comparison and tracking purposes. Client groups can be configured to represent device owners by name, company department, vendors or manufacturers, device types, or any other categorization you find beneficial. Additionally, a single device can reside in multiple groups to provide more comprehensive organizational options for wireless clients monitored by WhatsUp Gold. Please note, entries in a Client Group can be the specific/individual MAC address of one client device or the MAC prefix shared by multiple devices.

To create a new wireless client group, click WUG17.0N-IMG-ADD_ICON_PLUS_SIGN, enter a delimited list of MAC prefixes and/or MAC addresses, then click OK. Entries may be delimited using a comma or semicolon.

To edit an existing client group, select its group name in the grid, then click WUG17.0N-IMG-EDIT_ICON_PEN, make changes to the group name or membership as needed, then click OK.

To delete a client group, select its group name in the grid, then click WUG17.0N-IMG-DELETE_ICON_TRASHCAN and confirm your selection.

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