Wireless Clients: Specific Client

The Wireless Clients: Specific Client displays a suite of reports that present identifying and connection information specific to the individual client selected from within the Wireless Clients report. If the client name is not available or cannot be determined, the client's MAC address is displayed. The client name is determined by Wi-Fi authentication and may not be present under all authentication schemes. Please note, if a client is displayed as, this indicates the device's controller is unable to obtain its IP address or the access point cannot determine it.

The Bandwidth report displays traffic in and out.

The Session Details report displays the following information:

The Associations report displays connection time by percentage for each associated access point and SSID.

The Signal Quality report displays radio signal strength indicator and signal-to-noise ratio percentages.

Please note, this dashboard is completely static. Additional reports cannot be added and the charts described previously cannot be removed. However, you can modify the date range (DateRange), expand any individual dashboard report to a full page view (WUG17.0N-IMG-FULL_PAGE_REPORT), and specify the minimum and maximum number of items to be displayed.

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