Exporting Log and Report Data

You can export selected log, dashboard, and report data to a number of common file formats for review and analysis as well as into your favorite analytics and statistical processing tools.

Export log data

  1. Open the log with data you want to export. For example, to open log view for Performance Monitor Error Log:
    ANALYZE > Logs > Performance Monitor Error Log
  2. Click Export (ExportButton), then select Export Data.
  3. Select the file format in which you want the data exported, then click OK.
  4. Open the downloaded file using a compatible application to display, edit, and analyze the data.

Export report data

  1. Open the dashboard or full-page dashboard report you want to export. For example, to open full page dashboard report for Ping Response Time:
    ANALYZE > Network > Ping Response Time
  2. Click Export (ExportButton) where available for individual reports or dashboards.
  3. Select a file format, click OK, and view the downloaded file.