Monitoring Applications

Application Monitoring (SETTINGS menu > Application Monitoring > Application and Profile Setup) (also referred to as "APM") gathers performance statistics and overall application health while alerting on performance degradation and potential problems before they result in service outages. APM can assist organizations to measure service level and guarantee Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as well as assist in pinpointing application performance bottlenecks and points of failure. APM allows you to monitor the performance of "applications" and application-layer services running on your monitored devices.


This section outlines the essential building blocks you use to build your full APM solution.


Preparing to Discover. Select profiles you want applied during discovery or add new ones.

Discovering Applications. Discover devices with resident applications that match selected application profiles.

Manage/Add Profiles/Monitor

You manage application instances by way of the Application and Profile Setup view (SETTINGS menu > Application Monitoring > Application and Profile Setup).

Analyze (dashboard, log, and report)

Analyze log, reporting, and dashboard data to assess performance, quality of service, and impact.

Note: You can access the dashboards for the WhatsUp Gold Application Monitoring Add On from the Analyze menu > WhatsUp Gold Add Ons. You must have devices discovered with appropriate roles delegation and credentials before you can gather rich and meaningful report data.


Application monitoring data can be visualized, shared, and reused using Export Data (ScheduledExport) and Dashboard Options (DasboardOptions).

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