Configuring WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition

On the central WhatsUp Gold installation, select SETTINGS > System Settings > Configure Remote Sites to launch the Remote Client Site Configuration dialog. This dialog displays a table of WhatsUp Gold instances configured as remote sites. In addition to the name of each remote site which is assigned during that site's installation, the dialog provides the IP address and the local device name. The local device is the remote site's device name as it appears in the central site's monitoring inventory. From here, you can select a remote site configuration and either edit (WUG17.1-PLUS-Edit_User) or remove (WUG17.1-PLUS-Delete_User) it from WhatsUp Gold. Please note, removing a remote site configuration using this dialog only removes the record from the central site installation of WhatsUp Gold. It does not uninstall WhatsUp Gold from the remote site. Additionally, if you remove a remote site configuration, any dashboard view containing reports with data for the remote site will need to be removed, then re-added to the dashboard to display data for that device.

When editing a remote site configuration, two controls are available:

Additional Information

To ensure a secure connection when communicating between central and remotes sites, we recommend using signed SSL certificates. Additionally, to successfully do so, you must configure remote site(s) NOT to ignore certificate errors. Completion of the following steps should allow for successful configuration of a signed SSL certificate:

  1. Generate a certificate request from IIS.
  2. Have the request signed and imported into IIS.
  3. Export the signed certificate.
  4. Replace the default certificate. The default certificate is named NmDistributed.pfx and can be found here: \Data\SSL\NmDistributed.pfx.
  5. Update the certificate password using the NmDistributed Service Settings configuration dialog as follows:

Locate and run the NmDistributed.exe executable file which can be found in the same location where the WhatsUp Gold installer resides on the server. This launches a dialog where you can:

The NmDistributed service must be restarted for changes made within this dialog to take effect.

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