IP/MAC Addresses Report

The IP/MAC Addresses Report provides visibility into how Discovery most recently identified a scanned device. To be successfully identified, or "sighted", a discovered device must be configured to make its unique hardware (MAC) or network (IP) address visible to WhatsUp Gold. Additionally, data available in this report can provide additional information about connectivity and the use of the sighting data to create the Auto Layout on the map view. It can be a powerful diagnostic tool for investigating scenarios such as MAC address spoofing and stale ARP cache detection, for example.

Note: Map information reported here is refreshed each time Layer2 Dynamic Group membership is recalculated. All relevant report data is updated whenever the monitored device is refreshed, rescanned, or when Update Monitoring is initiated from WhatsUp Gold Discovery.

You may notice this report is essentially an updated version of the IP/MAC Address Finder tool found in previous versions of WhatsUp Gold. The application of an upgraded look and feel, the addition of several new data points, as well as a few other enhancements, ensures greater usability and user experience.

To customize report data to better fit your needs:

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