Changing performance monitor properties in bulk

To change the properties of a performance monitor on multiple devices at once:

  1. Select two or more devices or a device group.
  2. Right-click to launch the device management actions menu.
  3. Select Edit Devices > Monitors > Performance Monitor Properties to launch the Performance Monitor Properties dialog.
  4. Choose the performance monitor to modify from the list provided.
  5. Enable the checkbox(es) applicable to the performance monitor property or properties to be modified, then use the controls provided to modify the corresponding settings as needed. Please note, that the specific properties displayed are dependent upon the performance monitor selected.
  6. Click OK.

Important information about dependencies

While you have the ability to modify performance monitor properties independent of one another, there are some dependencies that exist that should be considered before making changes:

Important: If you select Protocol and the monitor is currently configured to collect data for “specific” aspects, but you do NOT select Data collection AND the protocol represents an actual change from the protocol a device’s monitor currently uses, then the system changes the monitor’s Data collection type to the default in addition to changing the protocol. The default collection types are All CPUs, All Disks, and All Memory, except for the Interface Utilization monitor for which the default is Active Interfaces.