Using Task Scripts

Configuration Management Task Script Library (SETTINGS menu > Configuration Management > Task Script Library) displays all scripts available to be called with Run Now or called and run within Configuration Management tasks.

Task scripts sign-on as authenticated users to devices through SSH or Telnet and run command-line interface (CLI) commands on devices. These tasks can perform a number of operations, such as restoring or backing up a running or startup configuration, or changing an application password.

Note: If you run a task that repeats n times, only the last run is displayed in the Task Results dialog box.

Configuration Management Task Script Library enables you to:

Script examples

Configuration Management comes with two pre-configured task scripts. You can also configure your own custom task scripts using the Configuration Management Custom Script Language .


This script example shows the current running configuration of the selected device.

[running-config] show run
[-] exit

Note: Manufacturer-specific delimiters and keywords are visible when debugging and handled through settings in the CLI Settings Library.

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