Auditing a policy

To audit a Configuration Management policy:

  1. Go to the Policy Library (SETTINGS menu > Configuration Management > Policy Library).

    The Policy Library displays.

  2. Select a policy, then click Audit Now. The Configuration Management Policy Audit dialog displays.
  3. Under the Audit Criteria section of the dialog, click Add to select the device(s) against which to audit the policy.
  4. Select the Archive Key of the configuration files for which the policy will be audited. For example, to view audit results for running config archives, select the running-config key from the list. This list is populated with all of the keys from the configuration files archived for the selected device(s). To view all possible archives, select All.

    Tip: To limit audit results to a device's most recently archived configuration file for a particular key, select Latest Archive Only.

  5. After you have specified the appropriate audit criteria, click Audit to verify the policy. Results from the audit are displayed in the Audit Results section of the dialog:
    • The either successful or failed Audit Result.
    • The Device Name of the device by which the policy was audited.
    • Any relevant Message regarding the policy audit. For example, the number of archives that failed against the policy.

    Tip: Select an audit result, then click View to see the details for that result.

  6. Click Close to exit the dialog.

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