CLI Settings Library

CLI Settings Library enables you to create telnet and SSH session/connection profiles needed to login, invoke scripts, and apply configuration commands to routers and other devices. For network devices such as routers, a CLI Settings profile can be associated with a specific OID that identifies the manufacturer and model of device.

OID and Device IP Address Keys

Pre-configured session profiles that ship with the CLI Settings Library are based on specific OIDs, SNMP objects assigned by manufacturers in their private MIBs that identify different models of the equipment. Configuration Management can use these settings on any device that supports the OID specified in the set of CLI settings. User-defined settings can be based on either a single or grouping of OIDs, or on a specific device IP address. The library also ships with default scripts for telnet and SSH that do not use keys. Configuration Management uses the default scripts to communicate with devices for which it does not find OIDs or an IP address.

Order of Settings

Configuration Management first looks for and uses user-defined settings to communicate with a device. If no user-specified settings exist, it looks for and uses appropriate system settings. If a device does not support an OID specified within any of the system settings, Configuration Management falls back on the default settings which do not specify specific OIDs.

In the event that you configure two sets of settings for the same IP address or OID/grouping of OIDs, Configuration Management uses the last set of settings in the list, or the second set of settings you created for the specific IP address or OID(s).

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