Performing an Archive Search

To perform an archive search:

  1. Go to the Archive Search view (SETTINGS menu > Configuration Management > Archive Search):

    The Archive Search view displays.

  2. Click 'add' () to add devices or groups to search from.

    The Select Device dialog displays.

  3. Select the device(s) for which you want to perform an archive search, then click OK.
  4. Define search criteria:
    • Archive Key. Specify a key to denote the type of configuration. (For example, running-config, startup-config). The list is populated with all of the keys from the archived configuration files for the selected device(s). Otherwise, select All.
    • To view only the latest archives for the selected device(s), select Latest Archive Only.
    • Search Pattern. String or regular expression to match.
      • Regular Expression. Allows regular expression syntax.
      • Ignore Case. Match regardless of case.

    Tip: Select a device, then click Remove to delete it from the list.

  5. Click Search.

    Search Results display. Results include the following columns:

    • Archive Key. Database key for the archive.
    • Device. Device the archive/configuration is associated with.
    • Time Created. Date and time the archive was created.
    • Created by. Name of the configuration task that created/returned the archive.
  6. Select the result you want to edit, then click the View button to traverse the pattern matches:

    Tip: Select an archive file, then click View to see the specific archived file.

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