The SNMP Trap monitor listens for unsolicited messages from a monitored network device notifying WhatsUp Gold of a specific event. The monitor can be configured to listen for all SNMP traps or for only specific types.

Provide a unique name and description for the monitor, then configure the following:

Important: If you have multiple payload "match on" expressions, they are linked by "OR" logic—not "AND" logic. If you have two expressions, one set to "AB" and the other to "BA", it matches against a trap containing any of the following: "AB" or "BA" or "ABBA".

Important: Although SNMPv1/SNMPv2 Traps do not require authentication, the WhatsUp Gold application requires that the credential in the SNMP Trap match the credential assigned to the device in order for the SNMP Trap to be collected successfully.

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