Unclassified Traffic

Unclassified Traffic report reveals IP network traffic that uses ports outside of the well-known port range or has not otherwise been identified for the selected interval. Network Traffic Analysis considers traffic unclassified if both source and destination ports cannot be identified or are outside the IETF well-known range.

Each log message record contains the following data columns:

To display Flow and Packet measurements, click a column heading () for column selection list (). You can also include:

Generate a report

Choose source. , Choose a networking device or single physical or virtual interface you want to see Unclassified Traffic measurements for. Choose traffic direction across an interface.

Choose time constraints. DateRange Choose times for the Unclassified Traffic. (Subject to NTA collection interval and retention policies.)

Choose, filter, and reorder columns. Choose and hide columns, reorder columns, and apply advanced filters to customize your data view.

Chart, adjust output, and visualize. WUG17.0N-SP2-REPORTS-SETTINGS-IMG Apply chart, geo mapping (World Map), and display options in Report Settings WUG17.0N-SP2-REPORTS-SETTINGS-IMG dialog (optional).

Export report data

Report data can be exported from WhatsUp Gold, reused, and distributed in multiple formats. Select Expand (Full_Screen_Transparent) from the Dashboard Options (DasboardOptions) menu. After the report has been expanded, select the Export Data icon to access the following options:

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