Blackout Policies

Blackout Policies (SETTINGS menu > Alert Center Libraries - Blackout Policies) enable you to designate specific personnel and periods where alerting is muted. It enables you to override/pivot notification schedules between teams, designate on-call or shifts of responsibility, combine blackout period with chains of notification, and more.

Managing Blackout Policies:

From the Notification Policies Library in the WhatsUp Gold Alert Center Libraries view, you can perform the following Blackout Policies operations.

Add. Create new Blackout Policies.

Edit. Adjust, tune, and configure existing Blackout Policies.

Copy. Create policy cloned from the configuration of existing Blackout Policies.

Delete. Remove Blackout Policies from library.

Example Blackout Policy (Mute or 'Blackout' All but Second Shift SMS Texts)

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