Scripting (PowerShell)

This component allows you to run a PowerShell script and analyze the output. You may add a PowerShell Execution component to an application profile or an application instance. Windows PowerShell is a scripting language and command-line shell that system administrators can use to manage Windows operating systems. For additional information about PowerShell, please contact Microsoft support.

Important: WhatsUp Gold uses a 32-bit (i.e., x86) PowerShell engine. Therefore, only 32-bit PowerShell snap-ins are supported and 64-bit only snap-ins will not function properly. Snap-ins usable in both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are configured for 64-bit systems by default and must be manually configured for 32-bit PowerShell engine to function properly with WhatsUp Gold.

If you are using additional pollers with WhatsUp Gold, PowerShell must be installed and any desired snap-ins must be registered identically on all poller machines for any PowerShell performance monitors, active monitors, and actions to function properly.

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