Discover Standalone VMware Hosts

For this scenario, your Credentials Library (SETTINGS > Libraries > Credentials) must include the WhatsUp Gold VMware credential for the VMware host you want to discover.

 Discover and add monitoring to stand-alone ESX/ESXi hosts

  1. From the IP Address Scan window (DISCOVER > New Scan), input the IP address of one or more VMware ESX or ESXi hosts. (You can unselect the Gateway IP and Local Subnet checkboxes.)
  2. In the Settings tab of the IP Address Scan window, click the checkbox in Advanced Settings > Data Collection > Expand scan to any virtualization environments. 
  3. In the Credentials tab of the IP Address Scan window, include the appropriate VMware credential(s) in your network scan. (Including the VMware credential to the hypervisor enables WhatsUp Gold to identify the device as a virtual host and query it for virtual machine information).
    Network nodes (discovered devices) display on Discovery Map and the discovery scan completes. 
  4. Select each discovered hypervisor and virtual machine and click the Start Monitoring button to add them to My Network Map with default monitors. 
    Lines of association show relationship between hosts and virtual machines.
  5. After a few minutes, check the virtual monitoring dashboard (ANALYZE > Virtual Monitoring  > Virtual Monitoring Dashboard) to see data gathered from monitors of newly discovered virtual devices.

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