Emailing Reports and Logs

You can email dashboard reports, full reports, and logs as email attachments from the Dashboard Menu. After you schedule a data export/e-mail distribution, you can manage/edit it by way of the Scheduled Reports Library.

To email a report or log:

  1. Open the report, log, or dashboard that contains the report(s) you want to email, then open Schedule Report.
    • Logs. Click on Export menu (ScheduledExport) and select Schedule Export.
    • Dashboard/Reports. Click on Dashboard Options menu (DasboardOptions) and select Schedule Export.

    Schedule Export dialog displays.

  2. Configure the following:
    • Name. Enter a name for the schedule. You can manage the scheduled report from the Scheduled Reports Library.
    • Start Time. Enter the time of day you want the scheduled report to run.
    • Send Interval. Use the controls provided to indicate how often the scheduled report should run.
    • Export Type. Select HTML, Excel (XML), CSV, or TXT.
    • To. Enter email address for the intended recipient.
    • From. Enter an email address for the report sender.
    • Subject. Enter a subject for the email message, if required.
    • SMTP Server. Enter the name of the mail server.
    • Port. Change the port number, if required.
    • Timeout (sec). Change the length of time (in seconds) to wait for a response from the SMTP server for each command WhatsUp Gold issues. If the limit is exceeded, the request will fail.
    • Use SMTP authentication. Select if the SMTP server requires authentication. If selected, enter a user name and password for authentication purposes.
    • Use encrypted connection (SSL/TLS). Select if your SMTP sever supports encrypting data over a TLS connection (formerly known as SSL).
  3. Click OK. The schedule is set and can be viewed from the Scheduled Reports Library.

Tip: Click Test Email to immediately send an email to the specified recipient in order to validate your server settings.