Device Merge Reason Categories

Device merge reasons applied by WhatsUp Gold Discovery fall into one the categories in the following table. Merging occurs during the post processing phase of discovery and can be manually turned off using Address Exceptions.

Note: When two device records satisfy the conditions for more than one merge category, the last one evaluated displays in the Merge Decision Information table.

This reason...

Indicates this match condition...

IP Address

One or more IP addresses match.

IP and MAC Address

One or more IP and MAC addresses match.


Correlation between interface indexes, IP addresses, and MAC addresses in the IP management information.


Matching management information fields in the interface table.

MAC Address

One or more MAC address match.

MAC and System Name

One MAC address and one SNMP system name match.

Virtual MAC

Simulated MAC layer address used by VMware and Hyper-V match.

Non Virtual MAC

Non virtual MAC address match.


Exact NetBIOS name or exact name/domain match for device.

Serial Number

Serial number (if available, manufacturer information must also match).

Resource ID

Service (such as cloud services) resource ID.

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