Configuring a Network Traffic Analyzer Custom Threshold

Track device characteristics with a set of rules, limits, and thresholding factors that you define.

Configure a Network Traffic Analyzer custom threshold:

Tip: Notification policies are optional for most thresholds. Out of threshold items still appear on the Alert Center dashboard.

Add Condition Rules (chain together filters)

An example threshold involving multiple filters could state, "This threshold will alert when any host with Protocol matching TCP and Application matching pop3 sent or received more than 100 MB of data in the past 15 minutes."

Select Filters from Drop Down Lists to Chain Together Custom Filter Conditions

Select Traffic Direction(s)

Select Applied Hosts

Note: Sources sending sampled data are not displayed as a selection option in the Traffic to monitor list because Network Traffic Analyzer cannot determine that traffic has failed on sampled data.

Note: Configure the threshold check interval for a longer time than the sampling interval for thresholds relating to trends, such as percent utilization. Configure it for a time the same as (or similar to) the sampling interval when configuring a threshold for a health check.

Tip: Avoid setting the threshold check interval to a very short time. Aggressive intervals can degrade system performance. In general, setting the threshold check interval to less than five minutes is not advised.

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