Configuring an Interface Utilization Threshold

Check network interface use-to-capacity trends within a moving time frame. See periods of abnormally heavy or light traffic —and a useful indicator for network interface cards running at capacity, misconfigured below nominal bandwidth, bottlenecked by obsolete hardware or cables, and more.

The default threshold is configured to alert when inbound or outbound utilization exceeds 90% for more than 60 minutes.

Configure an interface utilization threshold:

Note: Notification policies are optional for most thresholds. If you do not select a notification policy, no notifications are generated for the threshold, but a dashboard report listing the out of threshold items still appears on the Alert Center Home page.

Add Condition Rules:

Select Applied Devices

Tip: Avoid setting the threshold check interval to a very short time. Aggressive intervals can degrade system performance. In general, setting the threshold check interval to less than five minutes is not advised.

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