Import MIB Definitions

WhatsUp Gold enables you to import additional MIB definitions to its local collection. You leverage these trees when querying and browsing MIBs on monitored devices.

The local store/MIB manager provides:

Tip: MIB source files can be found in Program Files (x86)\Ipswitch\WhatsUp\Data\Mibs.

Import a MIB definition

To add a MIB definition to the local tree represented by WhatsUp Gold in the MIB browser:

  1. Open the SNMP MIB Manager (SETTINGS > System Settings > SNMP MIB Manager).
  2. Click 'add' ().
  3. Select a MIB file (.my extension) to compile it and add it to the collection/tree representation in WhatsUp Gold.
  4. Check compile status and troubleshoot module syntax/dependencies if needed.

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