Setting Cisco ACS credentials

Use this dialog to configure Cisco ACS credentials and configure WhatsUp Gold to connect with a Cisco ACS server.

Important: Before configuring in WhatsUp Gold, make sure to enable the UCP interface on the respective Cisco ACS device and make sure the device uses a valid certificate.

To configure WhatsUp Gold to use Cisco ACS for authentication:

  1. Enter or select the appropriate information:
    • Cisco ACS Server. Enter the server hostname or IP address for the Cisco ACS server.
    • Server Port. Enter the port number the Cisco ACS server uses to listen for connections (Default: 431).
  2. Enter the Username and Password used to access the Cisco ACS server.
  3. Click Test to open the Test Cisco ACS Authentication dialog which allows you to verify the credentials provided are valid.
  4. Click Save.