Log Management Settings

Configure the following to enable WhatsUp Gold to successfully ingest data from log sources:

Elasticsearch Connection

Tip: If you would like to upload your own SSL certificate, please disable the Ignore Certification Error option, then click Upload. Browse to and select the desired Certificate Authority file in PEM container format (.crt).

Log Collection Settings

Important: When the total disk space usage on disks where Elasticsearch stores its data reaches the usage limit, a web alarm is automatically triggered. This alarm advises users to take appropriate actions to address the impending problem before indexes are deleted. The notification can be dismissed or temporarily snoozed just like any other web alarm, however it does not need to be created or configured in the Actions Library. Instead, users can select a corrective action directly from the notification dialog, when applicable.

Tip: Maximum Disk Space Usage Limit refers to the point at which Elasticsearch will stop accepting more data.

Tip: Current Elasticsearch Node Disk Space Usage Information refers to the Elasticsearch instance WhatsUp Gold Log Management is using.

Important: Log Management data is moved to the specified Archive Location after the retention period configured in the Elasticsearch database has ended. If archiving is not enabled, Log Management data is deleted from Elasticsearch once the retention period has ended.

Syslog Server Settings

Please note, clicking Save automatically tests the Elasticsearch connection. If a successful connection cannot be established, the Log Management settings you've configured will not be saved.

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