Setting Active Directory/LDAP credentials

Use this dialog to configure LDAP or Active Directory (AD) credentials and to configure WhatsUp Gold to connect with an Active Directory server to import group information from a Microsoft Domain Controller into WhatsUp Gold.

To configure Active Directory/LDAP external authentication:

  1. Click Edit to launch the Edit Active Directory/LDAP Server Setup dialog.
  2. Enter the following information:
    • Domain Controller/LDAP Server. Enter the IP address or hostname for the Domain Controller or LDAP server. If you are authenticating to an Active Directory domain, the LDAP server for your domain is a DC (domain controller).
    • Server port. Enter the port the Active Directory server uses to listen for connections (Default: 389).
    • Use SSL. Enable this option if you want Active Directory domain or LDAP queries to be encrypted using SSL (Default: 636).
    • Domain. Select Active Directory to enable Active Directory domain credentials, then enter the Active Directory Logon Domain from which you want to access and import AD groups or, select Standard LDAP to enable Active Directory domain credentials, then enter the path to the container which holds the users you want to access the WhatsUp Gold web interface in Authorize DN.

    Note: The following Authorize DN example could be used for an LDAP server on the domain, with a "Users" container located in the root level of the Active Directory database: CN=%s,CN=Users,DC=ipswitch,DC=com. For more information, see the LDAP authentication with Active Directory KB article.

  3. Click Test to ensure your server and connection settings are valid.
  4. Click OK to return to the main Active Directory/LDAP Server Setup dialog.
  5. Click Browse AD/LDAP groups to open the Select AD/LDAP Groups to Map WhatsUp GOld Access dialog. This dialog allows you to select the Active Directory groups you would like to map to existing WhatsUp Gold user groups. Please note, authentication for nested Active Directory groups are not supported.
  6. In the Active Directory group list, select the WhatsUp Gold group you want to map to each Active Directory group.

    Note: Before you can map Active Directory groups to WhatsUp Gold groups, you must create the WhatsUp Gold groups using the Add User Group dialog. When you have added the WhatsUp Gold user groups you can then select the AD groups you want to map to WhatsUp Gold groups using the Browse Active Directory dialog.

    Note: When a member of an Active Directory group logs into WhatsUp Gold using their Windows Domain credentials, they will be added as a member of the WhatsUp Gold group mapped to that Active Directory group.

  7. Click OK.