Configuring WhatsUp Gold Agent General Settings

The two settings which must be configured prior to deploying WhatsUp Gold Agents to network devices are the port number the Agent uses to communicate with WhatsUp Gold and the certificates used by the clients and service for authentication. These settings are configured automatically during first startup of the Agent service using the following settings:

To modify the WhatsUp Gold Agent General Settings:

  1. Select SETTINGS > Agent Settings > Agent General Settings to launch the applicable dialog.
  2. Click the Generate hyperlink to select your SSL certificate options:
    • Common name (FQDN). The fully qualified domain name specific to the certificates being generated. This field is populated automatically, but may be edited if needed. Please note, the common name can not be an IP address. Important: The value used for the Common name MUST be resolvable by all the systems to which you wish to deploy the Agent. If it is NOT resolvable on a system where the Agent is deployed, that system will not be able to connect back to WhatsUp Gold and the Agent will be non-functional on that system. For additional IMPORTANT information about this setting, please see About the Certificate Common Name.
    • Digest algorithm. Select the message digest algorithm to use when securing data transmitted by WhatsUp Gold Agents.
    • Key size. Select the length of the SSL key in bits depending on the browser you're using and the level of security required.
    • Lifetime. Specify the number of days the SSL certificates being generated should remain active. Note: If needed, you can click the Re-generate hyperlink to regenerate the WhatsUp Gold Agent certificate set.
  3. Click Generate to save your SSL certificate options, generate the required certificates, and return to the Agent General Settings dialog which now contains new certificate information. Note: When Agents have been successfully deployed and are in use, this dialog also provides high-level information about the number of active Agents and their current status.
  4. Click Save.

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