Device Group Access Rights

The Device Group Access Rights dialog allows you to enable/disable permissions for multiple users and/or user groups based on their device group membership with a single click. Here, you can also search for specific users or user groups as well as make changes to the membership of the selected group by adding and removing individual users or user groups without navigating away from the dialog.

To access the Device Group Access Rights interface, select SETTINGS > Users & User Groups to bring up the User and Group Library, select any user or group displayed, then click Configure Device Group Access Rights to launch the Device Group Access Rights dialog.

Perform the following actions using the controls within the dialog:

Important: When enabled, users can not access any devices if you have not configured access rights for individual device groups. When disabled, all users are granted access rights to all device groups.

Note: If a checkbox appears selected but cannot be disabled by clicking, this indicates the specific access permission was inherited from the user or user group's home device group.

Before working with device group permissions, you must first understand the business rules they intend to enforce. Below is a detailed description of each permission available for selection when configuring Device Group Access Rights.

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