What's new in WS_FTP Professional 12.9

The following new features and improvements were added to WS_FTP Professional 12.9.

SHA2 host key algorithm support

WS_FTP Professional now supports RSA-SHA2-512 and RSA-SHA2-256 host key algorithms.

OpenSSL update

OpenSSL was upgraded from 1.0.2u to 1.0.2zg to incorporate security fixes and prevent potential vulnerabilities. For more information, see

Visual Studio update

Visual Studio was upgraded to VS 2022 to maintain security standards.

Zlib update

Zlib was upgraded to version 1.2.13 to prevent potential vulnerabilities. For more information, see NVD - CVE-2022-37434.

Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in WS_FTP Professional 12.9.



Fixed Issue


Command Line Utility

The returned invalid destination folder code is now correct.



WS_FTP Pro connects successfully to servers running OpenSSH 8.2 or newer.

System requirements

These requirements apply to the supporting environment and operating system where you install WS_FTP Professional 12.9.


Operating system

  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10


Minimum requirements

  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB, plus 50 MB free disk space during installation


Upgrading to the latest version of WS_FTP Professional ensures that you have access to the latest features, fixes, security updates, and usability improvements.

Upgrade considerations

System requirements

Review the current system requirements prior to upgrading.

Get the installer and activate license

To get a WS_FTP Professional installer package:

  1. Log in to the Progress Community portal and select Product Downloads.
  2. Download the product package and save it to a location on the computer where the upgrade will take place. Ensure that it is a local drive rather than a network or shared drive.
  3. For best performance, right-click the installer and select Run as Administrator.
  4. Complete the installation steps.
  5. After installation, a reboot is required.
  6. To activate the application license, click Start > Progress WS_FTP Professional > Manage WS_FTP Professional License. Click Refresh the current license. To save your changes, click Next, followed by Finish.

Upgrade paths

WS_FTP Professional 12.9 supports direct upgrade (upgrade by way of running the WS_FTP Professional installer) for existing WS_FTP Professional 12.6 and newer.

Use the table below to determine the most efficient upgrade path from your current version to WS_FTP Professional 12.9.

Your version

Upgrade path

WS_FTP Professional 12.6 or later

  1. Download WS_FTP Professional 12.9 from the Progress Community.
  2. Your upgrade activation code is embedded in the installer file, and is automatically used during installation.

WS_FTP Professional 12.5 or earlier


  1. Upgrade to a supported version, such as 12.6 using the 12.6 installer in upgrade mode.
  2. Use the latest installer to upgrade to 12.9.

    If your product version is close to or past its sunset or retirement milestones, upgrade to the latest version of WS_FTP Professional. For more information, see the Product Lifecycle page.

Known issues

This section details known issues and workarounds in WS_FTP Professional 12.9.



Known Issue


SSH Keys

WS_FTP Pro does not support ECDSA or EdDSA keys. Supported SSH key types are RSA and DSA.

Licensees and evaluators

Read the end user license agreement (EULA) before installing or using this product: Progress End User License Agreement

Copyright Notice

Visit the following page online to see Progress Software Corporation’s current Product Documentation Copyright Notice/Trademark Legend: Product Documentation Copyright Notice & Trademarks | Progress