This guide describes how to implement a failover solution for WS_FTP Server using Microsoft Network Load Balancing (NLB) software. This solution is designed to provide continuous service to your file transfer users in the event of a node failure.

This failover solution provides two "active" nodes, each running identical configurations of WS_FTP Server. Network Load Balancing will be configured to distribute incoming client requests across the nodes in the cluster. This two-node configuration uses shared resources for the user database, configuration data, and the file system for user directories and log data.

Carefully follow all directions in this document for configuring a failover cluster. Failure to do so maybe result in a nonfunctional or malfunctioning high availability environment. Ipswitch cannot support alternate NLB configurations.

If you are upgrading from a non-failover WS_FTP Server installation to a failover solution, we recommend that you configure your failover environment with fresh WS_FTP Server installations, then migrate your user and configuration data and file system over to the failover configuration.