Step 2: Install WS_FTP on Both Nodes

You must install and configure WS_FTP Server on both nodes.

  1. Install WS_FTP Server. Install WS_FTP Server first on Node 1 and then on Node 2. Use the Advanced install option, and use:
    • Ipswitch web server
    • SQL Server database

    For step-by-step instructions, see Installing and Configuring WS_FTP Server.

  2. Configure WS_FTP Server. On Node 1, on the Host Details page in the WS_FTP Server Manager:
    • Set the top folder to the UNC path for the shared file system (NAS).
    • In Impersonation Settings, specify a Windows user account that the server uses to request access to folders used by this host.

HA: Host Details

The WS_FTP Server installation creates a default host that uses the WS_FTP Server user database. To use another supported user database, you must create a new host and then configure the top folder and impersonation settings.