Configuring the Ad Hoc Transfer Outlook Plugin
  1. After installing and configuring the Ad Hoc Transfer module, browse to the install directory for the Outlook plugin web service on both nodes. The default path is:
    • Windows (32-bit) - C:\Program Files\Ipswitch\Ad Hoc Transfer\XFTWebService
    • Windows (64-bit) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipswitch\Ad Hoc Transfer\XFTWebService
  2. On both nodes, create a backup of web.config before making any changes. You can revert to these backups if something breaks during configuration.
  3. On both nodes, open web.config in a text editor such as Notepad.
  4. On both nodes, locate the line that reads:

    <add key="AHTDownloadURL_MachineName" value=""></add>

    ... where is the machine name of the node.

  5. Replace each node's machine name in that line with the name of the cluster. This will allow users access to AHT in the event of a failover. For example:

    <add key="AHTDownloadURL_MachineName" value=""</add>

  6. If you make any other changes to web.config, ensure that you make them on both nodes.
  7. Once you are finished making changes, save web.config on both nodes.
  8. Restart the website in IIS on both nodes for the changes to take effect.