Ensuring Both Nodes Can Access External Resources
  1. Verify that both nodes can access the Microsoft SQL Server database (which is used for WS_FTP Server configuration data).
  2. If you're using an external user database (for example, Active Directory or another supported user database), verify that both nodes can access the user database location.
  3. Verify that both nodes can access the NAS via the UNC path.

    If you are using a Windows Share as the NAS for the file transfer file system and logging directory, you must configure certain sharing and security permissions, otherwise logging will fail. See Configuring Windows Share Permissions to configure folder permissions.

If your nodes are having trouble accessing a resource, review your cluster configuration to verify that you have selected the appropriate settings for your environment.

If you are migrating from a standalone WS_FTP Server installation to a failover cluster, go to Migrating WS_FTP Server to a Failover Cluster to continue configuring the failover solution.