Migrating Data from the Standalone Server

Migrate the configuration data on the standalone WS_FTP Server system to external resources before installing WS_FTP Server.

To migrate your data from non-failover to failover installations:

  1. Backup all configuration data on the source system.

    If you are using a PostgreSQL database for your configuration data, see the Backup and Restore PostgreSQL database from PGadmin3 Console article in the Ipswitch Knowledge Base for more information.

  2. Stop all Ipswitch services on the standalone server from the WS_FTP Server Manager. WS_FTP Server is effectively offline now.
  3. If your non-failover installation uses a local PostgreSQL database, migrate the database to Microsoft SQL Server.

    For more information, see Configuring a remote Microsoft SQL database in the Server Manager Help.

    If you are already using a supported remote Microsoft SQL Server database, you do not need to change anything. However, you should still ensure that SQL Server backups are properly configured.

    If you are using the WS_FTP Server user database, migrating the SQL database also migrates all user information. If you are using an external user database, you do not need to migrate any information. However, you should still ensure that user database backups are properly configured.

  4. Move the folders and files in each host's top directory from the current server to the UNC share that you will specify as the top folder of each host in the failover cluster.
  5. Deactivate the WS_FTP Server on the standalone server. To deactivate the license:
    1. Go to Start > Programs > Ipswitch WS_FTP Server > Deactivate WS_FTP Server License. The Ipswitch Product Activation window opens.
    2. Enter the Serial Number associated with your license and click Activate.
    3. If you unchecked the box to force offline deactivation, log into myIpswitch.com to finish deactivating the license.